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New Production
"Only One"
A Story of Redemption told through Music

Check out our schedule on the home page to see the production live.  Contact us to schedule.   Scroll down to read the full narration to this musical testimony of God's love.  

What others are saying:

"7 Fold's well crafted original songs and narration tell the story of one girl's dawning awareness that God is active in all our lives. It will encourage others who's traumas and trials have left them tempted to doubt God's presence, love, and power to work all things together for our good. They share the story with excellent songs, beautiful harmonies, and passion coming from God-touched lives."

~ Pastor Jerry Hekhuis, Port Richey, FL

Owner; Oasis Coffee Spot

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"Only One" 

A story of Redemption told through music…

This true story is about a girl from New York City on a quest for spiritual peace.

At 20 years old a burden to "get right with God" was triggered deep inside her by the birth of her son.    As she held her son, she cried out to God for answers, and He responded to her plea. 

When she reflects back on those years when she didn’t know God, she realized He was always there.  Even when she was turned away, there’s been Only One - God Almighty - loving her and protecting her.

Jesus, the Name Above All Names.  It’s always been: 

1. Your Name

On her quest to know God she went to the Bible of her childhood.  Although her knowledge of God had been tainted by humanistic religious ideas, she still believed the Bible is where she would find truth.    She had read about love, but now as an adult wondered if love like this really existed.  1Corinthians 13 says: 

2. Love Never Fails

Maybe God’s love doesn’t fail, but human love fails a lot.

Her past was full of failures and her current relationship looked like the opposite of love.   With discouragement, her quest to know God was leading her away from grace and into legalism.   She didn’t even know she was on the wrong path.  She believed the lie that she had to be good enough.  Her burden was getting heavier.    Life was getting harder.  She feared for her future and for her new baby.   She cried out:

3. Help me Lord

The heart that seeks God will find Him.  In seeking the Lord‘s truth He broke through the lies and revealed his gift of life.   She believed as a child on Christmas morning and was “born again” in a moment.   Her joy was supernatural.   This was real.  Receiving the gift of salvation through the death and resurrection of Jesus had relieved her burden.   She was finally at peace with God; she had found her

4. Redemption

Everything was different, yet it was the same. This new burning in her heart was undeniable and it was triggered whenever she sang songs to the Lord and read His Word. The joy of salvation was new every morning. Her cry to Him was: 

I will…

5. Worship Thee

As He put new songs in her heart that were focused on the things above, her life was no longer driven by fear, but by faith.   She decided that if these promises were true, she would believe what the Bible says.  So she prayed for a hunger for his word, and he did a miracle.  

God gave her a heart and desire for Him and His Word. 

With a renewed spirit, even the bad days were now bearable. This new hope she carried filled her to overflowing.   This peace, that’s beyond all understanding, was attainable by anyone who had ears to hear.  He had given her a:

6. New Song.

The milk of the word brought her salvation and that joy filled her. But there were days when life got hard and old habits were nudging her and demanding attention.  She knew her salvation was secure; but sometimes the path was blurred. Life wasn’t always peaceful and joyful.   The past kept trying to push its way into the present; but God’s words of forgiveness were true. 

Having that security made her want to dance.  She looked up to heaven, and said thank you Lord, for:

7. My Dancing Heart

She was growing in her spirit and she knew she was adopted into the family of God.  She wanted to live each day with His joy, but joy was not always surrounding her, and many days were filled with darkness.  Even though she kept wondering where life would bring her, she never lost faith in her Lord.  

She had nothing else to cling to but God.  

She persevered through this season of life and calls times like this:

8. The Struggle

The Lord‘s timing is always perfect, but rarely fast. “His grace is sufficient” was her mantra, but life was getting harder not easier.  The guilt over the failures and regrets, and then a return to old ways, was hovering like a dark cloud.  

But light and dark cannot co-exist and she turned back to the Lord‘s grace and He was there, ready to forgive her.   He would wipe her tears and reassure her with His Word, that she was His.  He had purchased her to be His own.  This truth helped her keep her focus on:

9. The Spirit of the Cross 

With time, The Lords refining fire was burning away her old ways and desires.  She was no longer bound to her past failures and sins.   Her family was slowly being restored. Peace and joy was replacing her heartache and sadness. Life was finally, after years of struggle, better.  

Unbound from life’s desires, she was free to share with others this gift of life she had received.   Jesus called it Good News!  An unbound world had become her:

10. Hope Inside

Through all the years, and the trials and tribulations she’s realized that God‘s Word stands firm.  Trusting Him was the only way she got through it all.  Jesus even said don’t worry about tomorrow because today has enough trouble of it’s own!  She kept telling herself, “It’s only His Word that can bring me contentment in strife, and peace in a crisis.” 

 Knowing this she knew she must listen to and fill her mind every day with His 

11. Words

Every day she wakes she is reminded that she is a child of the living God. An adopted daughter of the most high. Her inheritance is in the heavenly realms. It is eternal.  His promises are true; He’s never failed her nor forsaken her.

Now a grandmother, she’s brought to tears when she thinks about the marvelous and amazing ways The Lord has kept her and blessed her, every day of her life.  Even before she knew Him, He knew her.

After decades of feeding her spirit with his word and presence, it is clear that He has always been the:

12. Only One

That’s her story, and she’d like to conclude with this question for anyone who isn’t secure in their eternity.  It’s the same question she responded to so long ago. 

“Don’t you want to be saved?”

 Romans 6.23 says “for the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.”

Anyone who wants to receive the gift of life, please pray with us.  

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