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Shining God's Love

The songs testify of God's love, and their 2021 production "Only One" is a story of God's Love and Redemption told through narrations and songs. 

Scroll down for 7Fold's schedule of public shows.  

Call to book a live presentation of "Only One" for your group or event.

Freely we have received God's gift of life, and freely we present "Only One"  A True Story of God's Love and Redemption.

We do not accept payment to present our testimony of God's Love. We ask that tax-deductable donations be made to the school and orphans we help in Haiti.  Zamar Ministries Haiti.



"Excellent production.  The narrations are poignant and crisp."  D.M. ~  Palm Harbor

"7 Fold's well crafted original songs and narration tell the story of one girl's dawning awareness that God is active in all our lives. It will encourage others who's traumas and trials have left them tempted to doubt God's presence, love, and power to work all things together for our good. They share the story with excellent songs, beautiful harmonies, and passion coming from God touched lives."

~ Pastor Jerry Hekhuis - Port Richey, FL

Owner - Oasis Coffee Spot

"Our C.R. group was so blessed to have your group lead our Praise and Worship on Sunday.  It is with Lots of Love that we send this heartfelt thank you!!!!"

~ Nancy  

"We’ve had 7 Fold at our Organic Life Coffeehouse several times and fell in love with their music/ministry right from the start.  The songs they write are some of the best I’ve heard. And the way they perform them is very professional and well organized. We plan on having them minister at our place as often as we can. I believe that their gifting will take them far. God is definitely using them in a great way."

~ Larry and Joanne, Owners - Organic Life Coffee House and Bakery, Palm Harbor, FL


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